My consciousness twisted and morphed
Now there’s no ceilings, no walls, no floors
Oh, I’m outside
Outside my mind
Where the greenest grass isn’t even real
And there’s a different pill for everything you
want to feel
Or never want to feel
Gravity is ready to swallow me
Jonah in the belly of the whale
I just pray he spits me up on your shore
I’ve been running and running from you
All the countries, galaxies, dimensions —-
your love scares me
Fighting my flight
But I take off every time
And lifetimes pass
And still somehow we are this Hancock
Forces stronger than gravity pulling you to
Me to you
The more I resist, parts of me are ripped
from my grip
Polarities evolve into possessions
Slivers of my fragile love
Abrasions causing you infections
This monstrosity of my affections
Scissor hands wishing to hold you tenderly
Wish these poison ivy lips could express
what you mean to me
But instead I leave you breathless
With my death kiss
And your death grip
Still tightly fisted
slightly twisted
Suffocation my soul
And your skin deep blue with cold
And I still somehow cannot seem to let you go
Cannot bring myself to let you go…

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