Sometimes I wish we were soulmates
But honestly, I’d find some way to ruin it
I thought I was starved for attention
Turns out I’m starved for affection
But when we had a conversation
I started to crave for other sensations
Like the path your thought process takes me on
I’ll stay up thinking about what you thinking about all night long
I’ve been starving for the breadcrumbs you be leaving me
You say it’s to find inner peace
To learn how to calm the storm in me
But these rushing waters are only calmed by your walk
And these consistent dark thoughts
Are only lightened by our talks
And I’ll admit sometimes the looks feel good
And the compliments feel good
And the comments & the likes feel good
But it’s like eating sugar cookies right before the feast of your love
And my appetite is ruined
And I did it to myself
I get so distracted
And all the time I threatened to walk out and quit I overreacted
Always just trying to get you mad
But your eyes got me locked in
Got me focused
I can see your vision
Watch my footing
Watch my mouthpiece

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