I don’t know why when I woke up this morning the first thing on my mind was “Life is just an interview.” You’re constantly testing me. Challenging me. It gets frustrating, but I know you see what’s inside of me. I know you see the greatness. I keep thinking I am so in love with you because the things you pull from me. But I realize now, I give you way too much credit. Whatever you want to call The Creator, The Author, Love, Allah, Yaweh,ENERGY, Inner G, WHATEVER NAME YOU WANT TO USE, this force that pushes and pulls and creates and destroys and loves and hates and gives life and takes life, this force that draws me into you regardless of how much I resist. Knows me, knows what I need. Knows how to move me and break me and build me up. This force talks to you if you listen. It will give you all the secrets to loving me if you just listen. The second thing that comes rushing to my mind is you. Always you.

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