I was having a beautiful conversation with my gorgeous sister and it came to me like this, she was telling me how every time she talks to a certain person that they just start criticizing her every single time she talks to this person. She could be having the best day ever, in an exuberant mood and this person will just completely crush all of her happiness with their criticism and the rest of her day will be ruined. NO ONE ELSE CAN RUIN YOUR DAY. Do not let ANYONE have that power. Think of the energy charges, Positive, negative and NEUTRAL. god, Jesus, Holy Spirit. love, hate, indifference. Light, dark, dusk/dawn. Batman, Joker, Gordon. Neutral is a policing energy. Makes sure there is balance and justice. But if you have someone attacking you with negative energy, let them get it all out while you try to shield yourself, imagine mirrors surrounding you so that whatever energy they put out will reflect back onto them. If it’s darkness it will reflect on them. If it’s light, it will reflect on them. But say nothing. Most people do not even realize the toxicity that is inside of them because they compress it so deep it’s just rotting in their bodies and causing physical diseases from psychological pains. I told her to let that person speak all of that negativity into the air and then when they are DONE, completely DONE, you cast that energy out. And you fill the air with positive energy, affirmations and intentions for the day. “Today will be a great day and we will learn how to communicate more efficiently with each other because our relationship is important to me and your concerns are valid in my eyes. We will work on growing our relationship stronger and more balanced. We will learn how to express our love more fluently with one another because I love you and value you and I know you love me and you value me.” Light exists inside of you. Darkness can only exist AROUND you. It cannot exist inside of you unless you LET it in. unless you consume it. Stop surviving on garbage. Feed your soul light and feed it to others. Be such a shinning example that others cannot help but follow your lead. AND THIS IS HARD AS HELL BECAUSE MOSTLY YOU JUST WANT TO WRING PEOPLES NECK BECAUSE THEY ARE HUGE JERKS. But we must always remember, people have a war going on inside of them, they are battling the two wolves and one is starving. We must always remember to proceed with caution. And be strong enough to heal other’s pain as we heal ourselves.

Strength & Honor
Love & light

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