9 months until my birthday

Do you remember that birthday that I was sick as hell and couldn’t work for like weeks and then Sissy took me to T-Pain and I’m pretty sure I had a fever but I didn’t give two hoots cuz I was going to get to see T-Pain lol

And you showed up in that gaudy hideous ozone depleting hummer. Hahaha Salt Lips use to call you Hummer dude. Sissy use to call you asshole. I use to call you love of my life.

You never miss a birthday. Do you even know how much that means to me?

Take me back to sweet tea dreams and sweet dee things.

I miss you, lemon pie, heaven to kiss like sweet meringue

how you do that thang baby how you do that thang.

I wish you could come scoop me right now & we could skate to the A

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