I’m tired of waiting for you
I’m tired of this whole situation
And all the ships I have not launched because of it
I’m tired of being led into temptation
But having to deny my flesh over and over
Because I love you
I want you
But you’re stuck somewhere In between boyish things and manly dreams
You want to run around the world
Then come back
And you see it doesn’t work like that
I won’t just be sitting here twiddling my thumbs
Waiting for your return like that
And I have nightmares that
You are waking up between a strippers booty cheeks
Cheap glitter littering your eyes your cheeks your lips
All places that I want to kiss
All places that should be on me
Can’t you see
Blind men could see
But maybe you’re just not ready for me
Maybe I’m not ready for you
Because I still can’t seem to figure out how to not want to Dexter style murder any woman that smiles in your face
And I can’t quite keep up with your molasses pace
I’m not choosing you any more

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