that Xx

My dear, sweet darling,

What have you done? I did not know you would burn the whole world to the ground if I left you. You evil, genius man. But what is Mother Earth without her children? She will always come to rescue them. Even if it means her death. We must save Mother. We must save the world. Stop this hatred and strife. I loved you deeper than the ocean’s pull. A love like the ocean. Murderous waves crashing against you hard. Making your body unstable and shivery. Pushing you away, pulling you in, catching you in the undertow, Almost drowning you. Wanting to take your life and give it back to you to show you my power. But love was always stronger and I threw you against the shore daring you to ever enter my waves again. Where is your courage? Where is the man with enough courage to love me? To tackle my waves? Why am I braver than a man? That I would rip my heart out, Then cut it out again. Why can I still fight with festering wounds? We need peace. I have to heal. And I need space to do so. My wounds are as leaky as my eyes. I can’t shed myself over you any more. There aren’t enough hospitals to heal me. I must heal myself.

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