“I saw a dead man in New Orleans.”

I never know where exactly to start. So, I will start with the dead man.

I saw a dead man in New Orleans. It was right before New Orleans was shut off to the rest of the world with virus. There was a man walking out of a bar, he was stepping off of the curb, into the street, he lost his footing, hit his head on the way down on someone’s car bumper, then fell to the ground and started convulsing. Some passerby started doing CPR. They ran to get “drug” and only had the nasal kind. There was blood and vomit coming out of his nose so they were not able to successfully resusitate him with that method. They had called the ambulance but it took about 20 minutes for them to get there. There was a man who went live on facebook witnessing the whole ordeal. I was walking to Cafe Du Monte to get beignets. I just couldn’t look away. I wanted the paramedics to swoop in, do some magic and me see the guy sit up straight with a smile on his face and a thumbs up.

But he didn’t. He just laid lifeless as they tossed him around like roadkill. Like they were just scraping the trash off of the street. That was the first time I ever saw a man die. Then, I went to get the beignets. I must say, they tasted like sweet lumps of heaven even tho they were not fresh or hot and I waited about an hour for them. But they tasted so sweet because I was alive and that man was not. For some reason his decisions summated to the same fateful street where his life was ending and mine was just about to start.

My name is Medusa. And I just moved to Houston Texas. I stopped in New Orleans on the way to see my good friend Gertie. Who use to be a boy but actually never really was a boy. At least, I never felt like she was. She didn’t want to go with me to get beignets so I was all alone when I saw the man die. It was my first experience in New Orleans. When I told Gertie what happened, She said, “oh, that happens all the time.” I guess people are starting to put Fentonol in the heroine to wipe out all the junkies in NOLA. Gertie has lost many friends to the drug. It’s an issue everywhere.

I wonder how far we will turn from the Creator before we realize what’s happening. They say New Orleans is the biggest number of people with the virus. But I felt a demon on the city before this virus got to be what it is today. See I left Illinois on March 11th. I was running away from a broken heart and broken dreams. Little did I know what the universe had in store for me once I let go of what I thought I wanted to released myself into the flow. Soon, I would face trial after trial. I really am learning who I am throughout this whole process. Where I want to stand, who is on my side. I am finally feeling like I am standing within myself. I have felt a separation mind body and spirit for a long time. There was a point in time where I was so tormented and toxic that my spirit was literally trying to sever itself from my mind and body. You cannot walk in the darkness if your spirit is of the light. It’s so important to feed yourself light. Because you are what you consume. If you’re constantly listening to certain music, watching certain shows, letting certain spirits into your attention, they can easily influence you. It can make you imbalanced. If your gut isn’t balanced, you won’t be able to decipher right vs wrong. Your instincts will not be sharp, you won’t sense what’s around you. Everything is tainted if one thing is off. Align yourself, mind, body spirit. Consume light, center, know yourself. Know your energy and stay in tune and in sync with that.

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