Medusa origin story

So, I don’t know much about Greek mythology. Anything I read, I run away with my own imagination so it’s always hard for me to decipher what I actually read, or heard or what I imagined in my head.

Medusa was a woman who kept getting raped by Poseidon because she was so beautiful. So, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and gave her the ability to turn man into stone with one look into their eyes. A lot of people confuse Medusa to be a seductress or a siren. She was a victim of rape, violence, and the attack of male energy. She became a warrior and to protect herself, she turned into a monster. I know all too many women that share this same story. My writing is about giving a voice to women who do not have a voice. To speak out against the violence and the abuse. To stand against being treated lesser than the goddesses we are.

I am a story teller. A wordscrafter. Once everything else is destroyed, the only thing left of history will be the worlds that people like me used to describe this time, this place, this hour, this feeling. Individuals will not be remembered because none of us are memorable. And yet we are all individually remarkable. We come to this life with a task, an adventure that is only ours. On our quest, we are sent to many different mini quests. Some teach us who we are. Some teach others who we are. And some build us. And some tear us down, to our core, crush us to dust, and we must start all over again from scratch.

It’s amazing how I was trying to do things MY WAY for so long. I thought I was building a firm foundation. I thought that I was creating a security. I questioned the Creator about EVERYTHING. Why do I have to do it this way? Why do I have to go here? Why do I have to say this? I don’t want to do that. I want to do this. Selfishness my modus operandi. I still fight against that each and every day. Once I learned to let go of my agenda and trust that the Creator ALWAYS had my BEST interests at heart, then I saw that the blessings I was given was way more than anything I even imagined for myself. I never knew hunger, or lack. Just followed my instincts which were aligned with a greater flow, a greater divine. Tapping into a consciousness that is higher than my own need, my own materialistic nature, my ego, and look to the higher calling and purpose, I was lead to places I never even knew existed and feel more fulfilled than any amount of shopping, eating, dancing, reading, partying, drinking, YOU NAME WHAT PEOPLE LIKE TO DO AND ITS BETTER THAN THAT. Now, those things are important but when you are on a MISSION, every interaction that you have to share LOVE with people, that gives you more connection and satisfaction than any false reality, false idol, fools gold, fleeting feeling, forced emotion could ever do for you. It’s genuine, it’s real, it’s deep connection for others, for yourself, you plug back into this GRID of energy, electricity and your eyes become open. You start to see where people are sick where they didn’t even know they were sick. You see the blocks of flow in their body. It blocks the flow of energy, they could be holding onto unforgiveness, bitterness, not letting go of a childhood trauma or a time of abuse. When you are connected to this love energy you can see ALL of that. You can see when people are being influenced by evil spirits. When they are being tormented from them. Negative thoughts and emotions controlling their behavioral patters and they are alone and isolated in these thoughts because that’s what the enemy does is separate you from your connection.

Usually people’s first connect to love is their family but if you grew up in abusive circumstances that connection is frayed. So you have a hard time connecting to that current because you don’t trust it. That’s why it’s so important for you to experience real love. It’s so important for you to seek out true connection. And the only thing that could possible show those true connections is TIME. There’s not a simple test. And you shouldn’t be testing love anyways. Because it’s never looks the same from two people. But when it shows up, you’ll know it. Because it’s a mighty force that nothing in the world could every conquer. Not even coronavirus.01683B5B-DF4E-49F0-B2CA-1398019771BD

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