Triggered. -*listen to Nights In White Satin by ”The Moody Blues” while reading this.*


S1 E1 “Ignored”

Opening: Medusa laying on bed in apartment. She has no television, so she must create her own drama. She is triggered by this quarantine because her law enforcement father had raised her in a corn field secluded from society being homeschooled.

She meanders around her apartment all day, messing things so she can kill time cleaning them.

She dances to Controlla by Drake playing on repeat for literally hours straight. She is just like her grandmother

Cut to downstairs neighbor being in love with her but his girlfriend PISSED all the time cuz the same song on repeat.

She tries to dance but she has half white girl rhythm. She enjoys island music the best. She loves being on the beach. There’s some kind of magical spell that comes over her when she’s at a bonfire on the beach. It’s like sex the whole night, nature making sweet love to you, lighting you on fire then calming you down with sweet ocean mist, only to rise you back up to wild flame with one gust of wind.

That’s how he feels, like a beach bonfire. Sweet Aries bastard.

She can’t stop thinking about him. She sent him a bunch of sexy memories on her snap only to realize that it was 35 messages, So now he will wake up to so many notifications thinking they are texts. She rushes to delete them out of snap only to realize she looks even crazier because now he sees that many notifications and sees deleted and thinks she probably had text in there the entire time. She checks her story, He didn’t check the last pictures. The only picture he saw was her first post of the day which was the love letter she wrote about him. Great, She scared him off. Oh well, that only means that he couldn’t handle her like she thought he could.

BUT… what if it’s just because he’s been working crazy hours since this disaster. Being a hero is always an all consuming responsibility. SHE WANTS TO BE HIS PEACE. So how can she calm her own storm? She starts to dance again. Practicing for the next time she will be dancing for him. For the way she will seduce him and create their own universe in which there is no pain, no crime, no virus, no worry. Only sweet love like honey, soft, slow, sticky, HOT.

She grabs a fistful of her thick thighs she squeezes, almost hard, and shakes vigorously. Thinking about him always puts her in the craziest mood. Agony, anger, angst, longing. She wishes she could climb into his lap. She falls in and out of sleep, candle full at first then shoot to 3/4 burnt away.

She looks it’s now 3:23 AM and she has an awful feeling. She knows she just needs to hear his voice and it will calm her. She knows he could soothe her fear. He will be up, he’s working. She calls, no answer. Doesn’t he know how scared she is? She can’t call her daddy anymore, he’s getting old and she doesn’t want to wake him and worry him. Doesn’t he understand how badly she needs someone that will always answer her call? Because she only calls when she absolutely has to?

She’s a good girl, She’s crazy, but when she’s crazy about YOU, man, you don’t have anything else in the world to worry about. She will move the heavens and the earth for you. He just doesn’t know her yet. He will understand, she just has to be patient. She talks herself back to sleep, tears in eyes.

She wakes in the morning, 5 something. She isn’t sleeping for shit. She punches her firm brand new mattress and it barely budges. It’s so stiff she wonders if that’s whats keeping her up. She puts the turquoise teapot on. grunts, trying to stretch awake. Check phone, no notifications. She’s tempted to call someone else. She’s tempted to post the video she made of herself dancing, booty looking like a plump peach ready to be bitten. She wants revenge for being ignored. Being ignored reminds her of her father. He always had something better to do. But is this comfortable for her? Because she can convince herself that he’s out there saving the world and thinking about her? She’s more of a Cat Woman or Poison Ivy than a Louise Lane. She wanted to be wild and rebel just to see his reaction.

She knows the only reason she behaves with him when she hasn’t with anyone else is because the only thing she fears is God and the badge. That’s it. More respect for the General than the king. She always has. And He is the fiercest soldier. Hard body, Hard face. Pure. sex. god. She starts to rub her thighs again. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING?????? 11:11 AM. He’s asleep. They live in two different worlds. Why wouldn’t he call her back if he was just working? It takes 20 seconds. Wasn’t he wondering why she was up? Is he not concerned about her in a strange city by herself? Does he even care at all? She posts a sexy picture to snapchat. She lets an hour go by, she regrets it. Does he really not want her anymore because she cares deeply for him? What is wrong with the world today that pure deep true love is a threat to someone and not a blessing? She doesn’t want to hurt him but he is hurting her. She needs attention and she doesn’t know how to tell him that. He must know. He has to know. He doesn’t care.

She lays back on her bed and tries to touch herself. logs online. Nothing is turning her on. She starts to think about his smile, his strong arms, the first time they went to see a movie and his big arms wrapped around her, she sunk into him so deep and felt so safe. She felt something cold and hard, his gun and badge, wet. She let the memory intoxicate the air and her patience grew. How long must she wait? It felt torturous.

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