.-*listen to Wicked Games by “Chris Isaak” while reading this*

I think I finally understand why “witchcraft” is “bad.” You’re using the laws that God set in place to perform your own will. And thus, the creation has taken the love and adoration and thought itself to become more important than the Creator. We all have magic capable inside of us. But it all comes from an ever flowing energy, we are JUST conductors. We can create, but only in our realm. Yet we think our plans for the future are more important than the greater Energy, and we try to force our plan. We complain when our plan is not going the way we want. Instead of enjoying what has been provided for us. I will be grateful this day that I have never starved to death. I will be grateful today that as the little sparrow is provided a beautiful nest, a worm, and a purpose, so shall I.

Still haven’t heard from Sweet Dee. Part of me wants to be understanding and think about what he’s going through in this trying time. He is a soldier. He must protect the kingdom. But what about love? Should I wait for him? How deep is the love? After only 2 months knowing each other. MERE 2 months. But he showed me more affection in those two months than Torrean showed me in 2 years. But it was different circumstances and different factors that went into play. I love them both so deliciously. I think of Sweet Dee like I think of bonfires when the summer is threatening to turn fall and you’ve been swimming all day and the sun took just as much life out of you that you took from it. And he is warm while the breeze chills your damp hair, so you burrow into him because he is strong and he makes you feel safe. He’s like s’mores with his graham cracker skin, toasty brown, hard chocolate, gooey marshmallow melting all over your tongue, lips and fingers. Wishing to curl next to him and sleep away the overdose of sugar. My sugar, sweet fire, tongue ablaze burning me, consuming me, igniting me with flames of desire. Why must you torture me so? What have a done to push you away? But more importantly what can I do to make you come back to me?

I need you.

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